C H I L D R E N     O F   T H E     T R A I N S


In 1999, Railway Police Commander Jarumporn Suramanee requested to use abandoned train cars
to teach homeless children basic skills. It has now become a collective effort
by the Railway Police to serve, protect, shelter, and educate homeless children living in Bangkok.

The library train is now home to a growing collection of donated books and magazines.
The classroom is filled with eager students who are taught by volunteer railway police officers.
The children learn reading, writing, computer skills, civics, drug education, survival skills, and social norms.

The library train has become a home base, as well as a transition point,
for homeless street children and troubled youth who live in and around Bangkok.

Younger children that are brought to the library train are soon transferred
to local alliances like the Mercy Center, where they are cared for and educated.

Older street children are educated at the library train and then given opportunities
to work at local dairy farms or at the train station,
where they have a chance to earn a living for themselves.